You can order your cake by any of these methods:

  • Call the store to order. Please use this method if you need an accelerated order (less than 24 hours notice), or if you have special requests that can’t be easily conveyed without speaking to someone. Call us at (978) 685-2814.

  • Come in to the store and fill out an order form there. If you have special decorating requests, this is the best method to make sure we understand your decorating ideas (and please ask to speak directly with one of our decorators — the younger kids working the counter sometimes unwittingly make promises we can’t keep!)

  • Fill out the form below. Please note: Don’t use this form if you need to pick up the cake within 48 hours — call the store instead!

Note: While you can specify your flavors on this order form, be aware that we rotate our flavors frequently, and during busy times it’s possible that we simply run out of a flavor. If you want one of our specialty or seasonal flavors, you can call the store to verify that we currently have your desired flavor in stock. If you choose a flavor we’re not currently producing, we’ll contact you to pick an alternate.

Also, if you are giving us less than 48 hours notice, please call the store to verify that we’ve received it. This form is transmitted via email, and the internet can be a funny place sometimes — messages can bounce around or get routed to the Spam folder seemingly randomly! And during our busy season, we can sometimes go long periods without finding the time to check email. Also, during the off season, we occasionally take a day off (!). So if you don’t receive email confirmation of your order, call us to double check that your order came through.

Your Name *
Your Name
This should be the person to contact in case we have questions -- it's okay if someone else is picking it up.
Food Allergies? *
Please mark any food allergies that we need to know about so we can take extra care in preparing your cake.
Please enter a phone number we can call to confirm your order, or to ask you any questions about your order.
Requested Pickup Date *
Requested Pickup Date
When do you need to pickup your cake? If this is less than 48 hours from now, please call the store to confirm that we've received your order and that we can have it ready in time.
It's okay if this isn't exact -- just tell us roughly when you're planning to pickup, so that we can have it ready for you. If you're late, we won't eat it on you!
Cake Size *
Select the size cake you need
The flavor for one cake layer -- we can't promise "top" or "bottom", as it depends on what order we're making ice cream that day.
Second layer ice cream flavor
Tell us any decoration ideas you have -- border colors, "Girly", "Guy Colors", "Sports Theme", etc. Note: If you have special color matching requirements, call the store to discuss with one of our decorators!